St. Paul’s Catholic Parish, Paphos

Schedule of the LITURGICAL Services

(valid for Sunday) 
4:00 pm in English - Latin Parish Hall
6:00 pm in English - Agia Kyriaki
6:00 pm in English - St. Dimitri’s, Polis
Sundays 10.00 am in Latin - Agia Kyriaki
  11:00 am in Polish - Agia Kyriaki
         (3rd Sunday Polish Community Mass)
  12:00 noon in English - Agia Kyriaki
         (every last Sunday Mass is animated by the Filipino Community)
   1:15 pm every 3rd Sunday Sri Lanka Community Mass 
              in Agia Kyriaki
  1:30 pm every 2ndSunday  - Maronite Mass in Agia Kyriaki 
Monday:  9:00 am Mass in English - Agia Kyriaki
Tuesday:  9:00 am Mass in English - Agia Kyriaki
Wednesday:  11:00 am - Holy Hour of Adoration
12:00 noon Mass in English - Agia Kyriaki
Thursday:  9:00 am Mass in English - Agia Kyriaki
7:30 pm - Holy Hour of Adoration at Presbytery Chapel
Friday:  9:00 am Mass in English - Agia Kyriaki
   NOTE: Weekday Mass times may occasionally be subject to change
in the case of funerals, pilgrimages, visits etc. taking place.
Kindly confirm on the Parish Web site  or Newsletter
Confessions at Agia Kyriaki: Saturday Saturday 5:15pm – until the end of Mass.
                                                     Sunday 10- 11 am and 12 noon until the end of the Mass 
           or at any time upon request
   NOTE:  “Agia Kyriaki” is also known as the “Church at St Paul’s Pillar”